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Optimum office planning components: overall size, proper flow of patient and staff, layering from public to private, orientation of windows and daylight, support location and access to treatment, can and should be evaluated at the earliest possible time. We can help. Don’t let your space or site decisions dictate less than wonderful results!
Figuring out the ‘right’ amount of space and getting the walls in the right places – it all starts here. Behind the lines on paper is the exceedingly imporant time spent in getting to know you, know your practice, and understand your goals. ALIGN brings the experience of thousands of successful offices – to understand how these early decisions translate into the finished environment.
ALIGN interior design includes consultants chosen to best-meet your project needs – Principals who have worked together for over 20 years producing amazing results all across the country. Your design is not only about initial impact, it is also about cost and lifespan. Experience matters.
It’s referred to in many terms (tenant-improvement, upfit, buildout, tenant finish) but what you need to complete an empty ‘shell’ space can really only be described as ‘Interior Architecture.’ As a commercial space you will need complete construction documents (including Engineering) designed, signed, and ‘sealed’ by licensed professionals. ALIGN is licensed and experienced in All 50 States. You will never experience the moment where you find out “I can’t build from these drawings!?” or “I need to hire another professional!?”
ALIGN provides complete architecture and engineering services, including ground-up projects and Building Design. Integrate your entire project (expert planning and award winning design) from the very beginning, and employ only one professional firm! It’s one of the bigger reasons ALIGN was founded – to provide you all you need in one place. Coordination comes with headaches, why not reduce the need for it?
What is known in the field as Construction Administration is an important part of realizing your project. The passing of responsibility from design to construction has its own challenges in making sure interpretations are correct and you get what is drawn and specified for your project. There is a tremendous amount of information sharing in the construction phase that is done electronically, but ALIGN professionals are available for On Site access as the project demands. We are happy to travel to you!

Reality-based-projects. Your Schedule and Budget are critical. The stewardship of both is a responsibility we do not take lightly. We’ll start the important discussions with you from day one – what is critical in scope, cost, and time? what may need to be adjusted? and what must we do to keep you on track? Over 20 years of experience in meeting and exceeding expectations is on your side!

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To find out more about ALIGN, or to start a discussion about a project, please shoot us a quick text or email; we’ll reply promptly! We look forward to discussing your particular needs – and how we can help!