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Happy Holidays!


Pearl Dental Group
Satellite Practice
Baton Rouge, LA

“During the time of a very large construction project already underway for the new main home practice of Pearl Dental Group, the perfect location for a satellite practice for them also became available. It captured a key new part of town on a major thoroughfare and caught the crisp and contemporary eye of the owners, Dr. Andre Bruni, and Dr. Jessica Bruni. The question was, how fast and simply can we get this building reworked to see patients?

We created the plan; capturing the bank’s drive-thru area for more treatment rooms (11 in all) and made just a few simple strokes with the shell to create more space where it was needed and add taller windows to grab more daylight. The interior spaces were kept as tall as possible to allow that natural light to bounce deep into the space. An added bonus of the property was the fantastic and mature oak trees!

It’s a crisp simple solution that is ready to be filled with artwork and is already seeing patients. And… we beat the completion of the bigger project by two months!

As a finishing touch, we uplighted the wonderful oak trees and now the project has a terrific night presence on Jones Creek Blvd.

Oftentimes, simple is best.”

– Tim Kuhlman, Co-Owner Align-Architects





The holiday season is here and we’d like to wish everyone a season of health and cheer! We look forward to serving you in the New Year to come. Happy Holidays!


“How thoroughly exciting to learn of your new endeavor! …it will fill a need. Tim, we so appreciate your fine architectural work from concept to finished product… Thank you again for your true appreciation of our wants and needs, your ability to draw out from us not only the obvious but that of which we were only partially aware. We also want to acknowledge you for being so available and supportive throughout the process and beyond!”

– Dr. Sebastiana and Doug Springmann, Williamsburg, VA